Xpense (XPE) is the Native token for the XeggeX exchange.

Xpense is available on the BEP-20 (BSC) network

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Xpense, symbolized as XPE, is the official token for XeggeX cryptocurrency exchange. It’s primary utility is to facilitate user interactions on the XeggeX exchange. This extends beyond mere transactions; XPE holders enjoy benefits that enhance their trading experiences. The overarching aim is to provide a seamless, secure, and efficient trading environment.


Traders can access a 25% discount on their trade fees, enabling liquidity pool creation, covering P2P and NFT market fees, and more.

Economic Incentives

By holding XPE in their accounts, traders can avail a 25% reduction on their trade fees.

Token Utility

Beyond fee reductions, XPE serves like promoting assets, creating liquidity pools, and paying P2P and NFT market fees.

Safe & Secure

Two-factor authentication, encrypted wallets, and more. Smart contracts security assessment by 0xGuard.

Fast & Reliable

Operating on robust servers, XeggeX promises rapid deposits, accompanied by comprehensive DDoS Mitigation.

No KYC Limitations

For daily withdrawals under $5000, users aren't necessitated to undergo KYC verifications.

Continuous Support

XeggeX's support team is accessible all year round, showcasing their dedication to user satisfaction.


Smart contracts security assessment by 0xGuard.

Security Audit
Ticker XPE
Name Xpense
Listing Date 2023-10-18 T06:37:53.613Z
Network Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Max supply 200000000
Contract Id 0x88691f292b76Bf4D2CAa5678A54515fAE77c33AF
Type BEP-20
Explorer https://bscscan.com/ token/0x88691f292b76bf4d 2caa5678a54515fae77c33af
Decimals 18
Logo https://images.xeggex.com/ coin/83f06f8c-9104-483d -80b3-9bc3d7528ab3.webp
Mint no
Tax no


25% Airdrops & bonuses - 50M XPE

..... 20% Initial circulation, liquidity pools - 40M XPE

..... 10% Reserve - 20M XPE

..... 10% Bug bounties - 20M XPE

..... 10% Exit scam protection - 20M XPE

..... 20% Team allocation - 40M XPE

..... 5% Marketing, partnerships & exchange listings - 10M XPE

Description Balance

The Timeline

Q4, 2023

October: XPE is launched, initial listing (PancakeSwap, XeggeX, NonKYC).

Q4, 2023

November: Xpense website and socials launch

Q4, 2023

November: XPE listing on Toobit Exchange

Q2, 2024

New website UI & new features

Q2, 2024

Bug bounty campaign

Q2, 2024

Mobile app launch

Q3, 2024

XPE airdrop event

Q3, 2024

XPE listing on more exchanges

Q4, 2024

Xpense blockchain launch

Q4, 2024

DEX platform launch

Q4, 2024

Crosschain swap


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions


XPE is a token on BSC. In the future it will be on its own blockchain.


We have already completed the burning of all remaining tokens from the team's fund (Check Here), 40M from Airdrops and Bonuses fund (Check Here), 20M from Bug Bounty fund (Check Here), 29.86M from Airdrops and Bonuses fund and also Exit Scam and Protection fund (Check Here part 1), (Check Here part 2), 20M from Reserve Fund (Check Here) and 21.4M final burn as surprise (Check Here). In total that is 169.19M XPE burned tokens.

To be announced.

First airdrop to PDN holders is over. Stay tuned for further distribution of tokens.

You can buy it on XeggeX or other exchanges (CEX or DEX) and you could get it from occasional promotions - airdrops & bonuses that will be announced on XeggeX website. When bug bounty opens you will be able to get rewards in XPE. There is an allocation of tokens for scam protection in the rare case of a scam occurring with assets listed on XeggeX.